Evenement - Sarah Prescimone /Makershuis Tilburg: 10.000 Folds, Men!

Locatie Leonard van Vechelstraat 2a
Straat willemII-straat 49
Postcode 5038 BD
Plaats Tilburg
Land Nederland
E-mail adres
Evenement informatie
Entree 8
Datum 24-3-2019 20:00

The Solo ‘10.000 Folds, Men!’ is choreographed by maker Sarah Prescimone and performed by Fontys alumnus Tommy Pham. Locatie: Leonard van Vechelstraat 2a Tickets are available online and at location (cash payment). WaShinKan (和 心 館) is one of the Dutch youngest Dojo. It was set up as a Kendo club in Tilburg bij Ivo van Roij. A dojo (道場) is a hall or space for immersive learning or meditation, traditionally in the field of martial arts. The Dojo-name WaShinKan means Place where we practice for an open and gentle heart and was given to him by his Japanese theachers. A transformation occurs due to the understanding and acceptance of a repressed sensation in one’s body. Feeling pressure by a shade of oneself or another. The resistance of the inner opponent, an inner fight transmuted to the far corners of the body. Influenced by the philosophy of Kendo and Butoh a performance is created were the sensibility of a multitude of subtle and forcefull stimuli is manifested and the sense of presence is expanded, allowing resonance. Prescimones work is characterised by embodied extremities that occur in the physical and emotional body. Her main interest is the body in crisis and the understanding of the shadow body proclaimed by the residue of life. In order to shape a Journey for both the dancers and the witnesses, she uses methods of inner and outwards forces and discoveries lend by butoh and the vocabulary of the dancers she works with. ‘The spirit induced in my body pressures me to attack. Folding me 10.000 times through an inner journey… Unfolded movements detach... stay in line! My human character contains a flux of presence that balances me. Unfolds me. But my opponent has a!’